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KIRBY Industrial station

Water Filtration
  1. Main water pump
  2. Mechanical filter
    This filter is mainly used to remove sediments, rust and suspended solids in the water in order to preserve the remaining components of the plant
  3. Active carbon filter
    It is a type of filter used in water treatment where the active carbon can absorb the dissolved impurities in the water and actually eliminate the organic matter and chemicals and also help get rid of the excess chlorine and unwanted odors and this is done by a process called adsorption
  4. Softner (ion exchange units)
    It is a filter that contains resin particles that carry out the ion exchange process, whereby the pricey mixture (calcium, magnesium, arsenic, zinc, phosphorous, and chromium) is withdrawn from the water and replaced by sodium ions
  5. Filter (5) microns
    These filters are used to trap small amounts of impurities that have escaped from the pretreatment system. Polypropylene is a high-efficiency deep filter element suitable for further purification of water with impurities
  6. Reverse osmosis system
    Reverse osmosis systems depend on the osmotic property, where the water is applied to a group of semi-window films to separate the pure water from the water saturated with impurities, where the water is purified by 98%

Production capacity: up to 30,000 - 20,000 - 10,000 liters net within 24 hours.

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