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Solar energy System

Solar Energy

These devices are used to provide hot water for direct use in homes, farms, houses of worship. The outer body of stainless steel (SUS430BA) and the inner tank of stainless steel food (SUS304BA)

These devices are of very high efficiency and are the best in Syria in terms of their thermal output, because they are the only devices in the country that have a test certificate from Al-Baath University, where the company has relied since its inception to ensure good performance and product quality and work within international standard conditions.

KIRBY FOR TECHNOLOGY Evacuated Tubes have many advantages such as:
- Permanently high yield
- High performance in all seasons (especially winter)
- High frost resistance
- The ability to absorb heat (rays) on cloudy days
- Great energy savings
- Relatively small size
- High wind resistance due to the voids between the tubes

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